Ben Eilers Wintervaste tent



How it started

In 1966 Ben Eilers started the company Ben Eilers Tenten together with his wife Irene. Ben Eilers learned the sailmaker’s trade from his father Anton Eilers, the founder of Neptune Tents. At the English base Rheindahlen, where Ben then works, he comes into contact with a new phenomenon. The English soldiers are the first to cross Europe with a caravan. The sailmaking skills of Ben Eilers were soon discovered by these pioneers in the field of camping. Ben starts making awnings to create extra space. In 1966 the demand is so great that he can say goodbye to Rheindahlen and start a company in a barn in St. Odiliënberg.

Winterproof awnings

In the 1970s there is a shift in the way of camping. In addition to “touring camping” comes the desire to put the caravan in a permanent place for a longer period of time. The awning must then meet higher requirements. Together with suppliers and employees, Ben and Irene are developing an awning that can withstand long and intensive use.

In the eighties, “permanent” camping is becoming more and more a trend. The awning must then be able to remain in the winter and there must be more comfort. After some experiments with steel frames, Ben Eilers, together with the construction master, developed a frame consisting of square aluminum profiles. This is an immediate success and customers quickly find the company in Roermond from far and wide.


In the following years, the concept of the winter-proof awning is expanded and innovated. Aluminum sliding windows and doors, insulated roofs, special shapes, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Related products are also being developed, such as protective roofs and winter-resistant party tents. Ben Eilers has also developed a solution for the latest trend in camping, glamping: the Tentlodge.

Family business

More than 52 years after its foundation, Ben Eilers Tenten is still leading and trendsetting in its field. After having moved 2 more times, the company has established itself in its current building on the Elmpterweg in Roermond. Countless campers all over Europe now enjoy their “home” of Ben Eilers Tents, together with family and friends. Ben and Irene are now taking a step back and their daughter Colette Eilers is now at the helm. The Ben Eilers team is ready for you with great enthusiasm.

Will you visit us?

Our 2000 m² showroom is spread over two floors. You can visit us for Winterproof awnings, Protective roofs for your caravan and also tent canopies and specials. We have more than 50 years of experience in the development, production and sale of winter-resistant quality awnings for touring and mobile homes.